Preparation for tonsillectomy


This is for anyone preparing for Tonsillectomy.

  1. Be prepared. Lots of bottled cold water. Normal foods. Plenty of Paracetamol and ibuprofen. Ensure you have at least 2 weeks off work because you will need it. This operation makes you feel drained and You will need to rest.
  2. Its not as bad as you think. Don’t read all the horror stories like I did. I was out of hospital within 6 hours having just paracetamol and ibuprofen. Keep an alarm on and keep it topped up. I know it sounds excruciating but eat as normally as possible. This can help with keeping infection away and what I found is that it made it less painful. Ensure you keep hydrated. Plenty of cold water.
  3. Day 5 and 6 These were the worst days for me pain wise. I had an infection and a small bleed. I had it checked out and after IV antibiotics I came thought the other side. Ensure any bleeding is checked out.
  4. Day 13. I’ve come through the other side. Still taking minimal pain relief and feel much better. I still have some white fluffy bits where my tonsils were but nothing like the fluffiness on the 5th day. All in all you will need 2 weeks. Good luck!!






Tonsillectomy day one
Lesson one don’t read all the bad reviews on here because that’s exactly what I did and couldn’t find a good review. Scared me half to death so I thought if I had a good experience I would do a good review. I had the operation 11 hours ago and I’m home,
Firstly I am 50 years old and feared that at my age it would make it a more complex operation.
I elected to do day surgery. I was booked in at the hospital at 7.30am and was moved to be first on the list so I could be observed afterwards. I wasn’t nervous about the anaesthetic but was about the operation itself. I nervously went to theatre and went to sleep instantly. I woke up in recovery with no pain at all.
I was transferred to the day ward and was offered tea and sandwiches or biscuits but could not eat due to feeling woozey with the anaesthetic. I started off with water and no pain while drinking it. After a while I had a cup of tea but not stomaching any food. Bad move I brought the tea back up.
Tonsils fine though. I needed pain relief at 2pm and was discharged at 3pm.Still very sickie due to anaesthetic. On arriving home I had a slice of toast and water before going to bed. I slept for 2 hours and on waking I had tea and biscuits and kept it down. For supper I had beans on toast and tea. Not too much though. Feeling brilliant hope this lasts. At 8pm I took some pain relief and now drinking water. I have set my alarm for the next set of pain relief. Day one has been good. No bleeding and very little pain. Back to sleep now.

Day 2
1am was very sick…Not good. Had sips of water after and slept throughout the night. Woke up at 7am. Not in very much discomfort. Took 2 paracetamols and 1 ibuprofen. Feel tired but well. Went back to sleep and woke up at 9am. Had porridge and water for breakfast 3 spoonful’s of porridge. Throat feels a bit fluffy but no pain. Rested all morning. 12 midday ate scrambled eggs on toast still no pain just a bit of discomfort. Rested up this afternoon. I got up and cooked shepherd’s pie for tea and ate a bowl full with a cup of tea. I had more pain relief but not too bad to be honest.Went back to bed after tea to rest. Had a good night but had to keep the windows open as I kept feeling like my throat was closing up.

Day 3

Kept up with the pain relief and all in all not too bad. Had porridge and toast for breakfast and can you believe fish chips and mushy peas for tea. Sounds great only downside is that I feel tired if I exert myself too much. Looked at my throat today but don’t know if that was a good move. It looks very yellow and appears to be the scabs that form. I just didn’t expect it to be so much of a large area, yuk. Keeping hydrated and getting prepared for day 4 as I’ve been told this is the worst.

Day 4,5

Still extremely tired. Continued with pain relief. It seemed a little worse in the night. Ate very well normal foods. Coughed earlier and shocked myself when disgustingly some of the scabs came off. This is the careful stage to watch out for bleeding. Fingers crossed. Keeping hydrated .It has been very important to keep up with the pain relief even through the night as this takes the edge of the pain.

Day 6

Ate a cooked breakfast but throat feels like I’m going to choke. Mid morning I coughed up a blood clot and had some sight bleeding. I took myself off to A and E. even though its bank holiday I thought Id better get it checked out. I was taken in for observation and started on IV antibiotics over night.

Day 7

Discharged from Hospital and no more bleeding. I am armed with antibiotics and I have to say I do feel better than I did yesterday. The aim of the rest of the day is to ensure I listen to my body and no overdo it also keep hydrated. It really feels like I’m on the home run now. Its afternoon and I’m cooking some veg for a nice meal.